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Potato Growing Bag K705
Potato Growing Bag K705
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Carrot Planter Bag K701
Carrot Planter Bag K701
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Victorian Bell Cloche 18" L800
Price: $45.00
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Victorian Bell Cloche 18" L800

This Victorian Bell Cloche is supreme when it comes to size and plant protection. Our Victorian Bells are plastic reproductions of bell shaped jars that were in use during the Victorina era. These plastic garden cloches furnish the proper atmosphere of sunlight and temperature required for starting seeds and tender plants.

These bell cloche insulates seedlings from frost and harsh winds and at the same time safeguards them from slugs, birds, aphids and other chewing insects. The 18 inch diameter and 14 inch high garden cloche is convient for warming the soil prior to sowing seeds and transplanting plants into flower beds or your garden.

Can stop rain water from destroying seeds and seedlings by diverting the water and moisture into the soil. These supreme garden cloches encourage stable and healthy growth of seedlings and tender shoots and are ideal for kitchen herb gardens. Made in England of high quality rigid polypropylene, that resembles glass.

Designed with a curved surface for maximum light penetation and minimum reflection and a manual adjustable top ventilation vent for managing humidity and internal temperatures which enables you to extend your growing season. Our L800 Victorian Bell Cloche has fastener holes near bottom lip that accept any standard soil peg to prevent tipping over or blowing away during storms. Comes with a pack of 12 ground pegs. Measures 18 inch diameter x 14 inch high. Weight 4 pounds.

We are currently out of stock.

Victorian Bell Cloche 18

Victorian Bell Cloche 18

Victorian Bell Cloche 18
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